FF-1106 Rolling Disc On Inclined Plane


  • Demonstration of the law of gravity on an inclined plane.
  • Influence of the mass of a body on its acceleration.
  • Determination of the moment of inertia on rotating masses by performing a rolling test.
  • Determination of the moment of inertia by performing a pendulum test.
  • Influence of the moment of inertia of a rotating mass on its angular acceleration.


This apparatus is designed to calculate the moment of inertia of disc through rolling action. In this apparatus, discs of various materials are used to calculate moment of inertia. A metal carrier with a three point support is used as an inclined plane for the experiment; the different rotating masses are rolled down this plane.

The inclined plane can be precisely aligned using integrated spirit levels and three bolts. The angle of inclination is adjusted using an adjustment bolt. A ruler is integrated directly into the inclined plane for measuring the distance. The steel rotating masses each have self centering conical pins.