FF-1107 Centrifugal Force Apparatus


  • Dependency of centrifugal force.
    • on the rotational speed
    • on the size weight of the rotating mass
    •  on the size radius of the rotating mass


This unit is designed to study the characteristics of centrifugal force. Whenever a body rotates, it experiences centrifugal force. This force tends to push the body out of the circle. Its magnitude is directly proportional to mass and velocity of the object while it is inversely proportional to the radius of the circle in which the body rotates.

The unit consists of a small metallic rod on which the mass is placed. The rod is placed in a guided path by means of two grooves. It can be rotated at any speed with a control panel that controls the rotational speed of the rod. The force acting on rod due to the mass attached to it is displayed on control panel by force indicator.