FF-1124 Dry, Rough and Lubricated Friction Apparatus


  • To determine the coefficient of sliding friction under different conditions between various materials and disc surfaces.
  • To measure the force (torque) required to turn a static shaft against gravity and friction.
  • To show the equilibrium of forces (between the force of friction and normal force between contacting surfaces) in a rolling system.
  • To show how breaking/loading force affects effort required and friction coefficient.


The apparatus consists of a main shaft with three identically dimensioned discs fixed on to it. The variable between the discs are their test surfaces. One disc is plain (fine machined surface) the second is the same but has a tub underneath that can be filled with a grease or liquid lubricant and the third disc has a rough finish.

The main shaft has a pulley fixed on the end to which an effort load can be applied to overcome the normal force between the contacting surfaces