FF-1114 Forces In Truss Apparatus


  • Measurement of the bar forces in various single Plane trusses.
  • Dependency on the external force.
    • Direction.
    • Point of application.
  • Comparison of measurement results with mathematical methods.
    • Method of joints.
    • Ritter’s method of sections.
  • Basic principle: measurement of forces using load cell (strain gauges).


This unit is used to study the effect of load on various elements of truss. A truss is a structure which can bear high loads due to the fact that it has ability to divide the load among its elements. Therefore it becomes a reliable and stable structure.

The unit consists of a metallic frame which provides the support locations for the truss structure. The elements of six different sizes are available to make desired structure of truss. These elements are joined together via pin joints. The objective of the experiment is to measure the bar forces in a single plane truss subjected to a single external force.