FF-1113 Fundamentals of Statics Apparatus


  • Accumulation and resolution of forces with force parallelogram.
  • Equilibrium of forces.
  • Law of levers, determination of moments and equilibrium of moments.
  • Combined lever systems.
  • Deflection and resolution of force by fixed and free pulleys.
  • With optional supplementary sets.
  • Inclined plane; for friction experiment.
  • Pulley blocks.
  • Gear wheels.


This apparatus is designed to demonstrate the basic principle of statics like resolution of forces, equilibrium of forces and moments and law of levers. Any part required to attach for the experiment can be quickly attached to the rails around the edges. The imprinted line grid and grid-marked lever rods provide quick precise assembly.

The lengths marked on the grid make it easy to define angles. A wide range of mountings, such as cables, rods, pulleys, torque discs, pivot bearings and the like, can be easily fixed in place and combined. The versatility of the statics experimental unit helps students to explore their creativity in developing their own experiments.