Rev. LAGOS – The Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos has ordained four priests at St. Leo’s Catholic Church, Ikeja. The wide powers of administration now enjoyed by the vicar-general belonged formerly to the archdeacon.The latter … Until his appointment, Bishop Lagho has been the Vicar General and Head of Secretariat in Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa of Mombasa. From the desk of the Vicar General of our Archdiocese: Dear Monsignor/ Rev Father. Warm Christmas Greetings to you. The Central African Republic (CAR) is once more facing tension, one week before elections scheduled for 27 December. The Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia assists the diocesan bishop in coordinating the pastoral governance and ministries of the Diocese of Harrisburg. By reason of his office, the vicar general is granted … In light of the State President’s address this evening (28 December 2020), which reverts us back to level three lockdown restrictions. One Vicar General. The Vicar General has executive, but not legislative or judicial authority. The highest official of a diocese after the ordinary. November 2019 Inaugura l Vicar General's Corner More> December 2019Vicar General's Corner More> January 2020Vicar General's Corner More> February 2020 Vicar General's Corner More> March 2020 Vicar General's Corner More> April 2020 Vicar General's Corner More> May 2020 Vicar General's Corner More> June/July 2020 Vicar General… This means that the Vicar General can perform all administrative acts as the Bishop does, with the exception of those administrative acts which the Bishop has reserved to … He is also the former Consultor in the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue (Rome) Italy. As vicar of the bishop, the vicar general exercises the bishop's ordinary executive power over the entire diocese and, thus, is the highest official in a diocese or other particular church after the diocesan bishop or his equivalent in canon law. From these efforts, the staff of the Catholic Center seeks to form leaders in service to the faith community. This is accomplished by: Providing … He is a cleric legitimately deputed to exercise generally the episcopal jurisdiction in the name of the bishop, so that his acts are reputed the acts of the bishop himself.. Plurality of Vicar General in the same diocese was allowed in two cases: 1) The diversity of Rite and 2) Vastness of the Diocese. The code of 1917 was clear in stating that only one Vicar General is to be appointed (unus tantum constituatum). John J.M. In 2011-2016, he was the Chairperson of Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust (CICC) … The Vicar General – Moderator of the Curia of the Archdiocese is responsible for the coordination of the Archdiocesan staff in the provision of services, information and guidance to the clergy and faithful of this global archdiocese. The Vicar General possesses by virtue of his Office the same executive power as the Bishop throughout the whole diocese as belongs by law to the Bishop. Nnama Stephen from Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State; Rev Adesanya Adebayo from Atan Local Government Area of Ogun State; Rev Izuagie Nicholas … Working closely with the diocesan bishop and other members of the diocesan administration, he is charged with leading the diocesan offices and ministries in … Foster, J.C.D. Msgr. The mission of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe is to enable, empower and educate the ordained, religious and laity of the archdiocese to use their giftedness in the service of the Gospel. Starting at midnight until the 15 January 2021, all parishes in the Catholic Archdiocese … These priests included Rev. The Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Bangui has called for peace and unity, as the Central African Republic (CAR) is once more facing tension one week before elections. The Vicar General is appointed in a diocese by the bishop in order to assist him in the administration and pastoral care of the entire diocese. He represents and acts in the place of the Bishop in his absence.

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