The music video was notable for its extravagant production compared to the videos being produced at the time. Answer Save. Boxing ring blonde - Trudy Pack Prince Charming is the third album by and final credited to Adam and the Ants (future albums would be credited to Adam Ant), released in November 1981.This album features bass player Gary Tibbs in place of Kevin Mooney, the bassist on Kings of the Wild Frontier.The album included the band's two number one UK hit singles "Stand and Deliver" and "Prince Charming" as well as "Ant Rap". Calamity Jane - Palas Citron Welcome to the video cast list. Drums - CCount Bogdan Wiczling. - The Lost Hawaiians "Prince Charming" was not been an album I have been clamoring to hear, to put it mildly.… Saxophone - Stewart van Blandamer/Steve Farr Trumpet - Tony Hughes She's the one with the wand. d.write('