• Measurement of the pressure loss for laminar flow.
  • Measurement of the pressure loss for turbulent flow.
  • Determination of the critical Reynolds’ number.
  • Measurements using a bank Manometer.
  • Investigate pressure losses at segment bend and bends.
  • Pressure losses at contraction and enlargement.
  • Determination of simple valve characteristics.


  • Experimental set-up for the investigation of pipe friction, for use with the Basic Hydraulics Bench or lab water connection.
  • Bends expansion and contraction, elbows and gate valve with manometer bank on Bakelite base on aluminum structure frame.
  • Manometer bank for measuring pressure drop in fitting, elbows, bend etc made easily and measuring individually.

The experimental set-up can be used on its own or with the Hydraulic bench.  A supply of water is all that is required for operation. The unit is suitable for  measuring pipe friction losses for laminar and turbulent flows. The  experimental set-up is clearly laid out on a training panel. For investigations  on laminar flow and for turbulent flow, the supply is provided via the Basic  Hydraulics Bench directly (or the lab water mains). The water flows through a  pipe section; the flow is adjusted using reducing valves. The connection to  the required measuring device is made via pressure tappings.