The Experiment that can be developed with the module IT.ID30MS includes:

  • Principles of electronics
  • Operation of weight sensors

The module IT-ID30MS is used to weigh pieces. The sensor included in this equipment enables to carry out measurements on objects of variable weight (from 0.1 to 4 kg) generating an analog output signal ranging between 0 and 10 V. The complete control of the module IT-ID30MS is carried out by a PLC (optional) linked to the system through an I/O interface box. The PLC programming software allows the development of a wide set of automation experiences with the module IT-ID30MS, working in an integrated cycle or in a standalone mode. Finally, the module IT-ID30MS supervision is carried out with the software.


It includes I/O interface box with:

  • Ø = 2 mm terminals
  • Cable with 25-pole D-SUB plug connector

Besides performing the function of control board for the module, this interface box also enables the students to carry out electrical measurements on the components of the module.

  • The control of the module is possible through the following PLC training panel (not supplied):
  • PLC training panels IT.ID100PLC manages the module through Ø = 2 mm terminals.
  • 24 V DC power supply is available on board.

Technical Features:

Sensors and actuators:

  • Weight sensor

Module I/O:

  • 1 Analog output