• Creep experiment with a lead specimen.
  • Creep experiment with a polypropylene specimen.


  • Table unit for the investigation of the creep behavior of different materials.
  • Flat specimens made of lead and PP.
  • Specimen cross-section 2x5mm, measured length 25mm.
  • Tensile stress range 2.5….35N/mm².
  • Position measurement gauge 0…10mm, resolution 0.001mm.
  • Experiments above or below room temperature possible with conditioning box.

This apparatus explains the creep behaviors of different materials (Lead and PP) varying creep rates or temperature dependent creep behavior can be demonstrated in a simple creep rupture test.

Typical phenomena such as phases of varying creep rates or temperature-dependent creep behavior can be demonstrated in a simple creep rupture test using this apparatus. To obtain acceptable creep rates at room temperature, flat lead and plastic specimens are used.

The unit comprises a base plate, support pillar with adjustable end stop, transmission lever and load weight. To avoid placing bending loads on the specimen, the specimen holders are equipped with knife-edge bearings. With the aid of a transparent conditioning box with thermal storage elements, experiments can be performed above or below room temperature