• Tensile tests.
  • Bending tests.
  • Compresive tests.
  • Recording of stress-strain diagrams.

With accessories available separately:

  • Cupping tests.
  • Shear tests.
  • Testing of disc and helical springs.
  • Brinell hardness


  • Universal benchtop unit for materials testing.
  • Cross-member frame with ground steel pillars, compressive and tensile force can be generated.
  • Force generation using hand operated hydraulic system, no power supply necessary.
  • Dynamometer to measure the force, gauge with trailing pointer.
  • Dial gauge to measure the elongation.
  • Test sphere for Brinell hardness test, diameter 10mm (optional).
  • Brinell hardness test specimens made of Al, Cu, St, CuZn (optional).
  • Tensile test specimens made of Al, Cu, St, CuZn.

A Universal Testing Machine is used to test the tensile stress and compressive strength of materials. It is named after the fact that it can perform many standard tensile and compression tests on materials, components, and structures. Additional source of power is not required for the unit. Load is applied with the help of a hand operated hydraulic system. Gauges are provided for the measurement of applied load and elongation of the test specimen.

This material tester is a benchtop unit for training purposes. Simple operation and robust construction make the unit suitable for student experiments. The test spectrum for the basis unit covers tensile tests, bending tests, and also compresive testing. Using the accessories that are also available, additional shear, cupping and brinell hardness can be performed. PC data acquisition and evaluation is also possible (optional).

The basic version of the unit does not require any additional sources of power. The test load is generated using a hand operated hydraulic system. The test load is displayed using a large gauge and a trailing pointer. The elongation of the test specimen is recorded via a dial gauge. The unit features a clear layout and the rapid changing of accessories.