Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger consists of a group of tubes inside the heat exchanger. The hot water flows through the internal tubes and cooling water circulates through the space between the internal tubes and the shell.

There are traverse baffles plates placed in the shell to guide the cold water maximize the heat transfer.

  • Anodized aluminum structure and panel in HDF.
  • Shell is made of clear material to clearly visible all internal element of the exchanger. All the contact part with water are made of Stainless Steel or Plastic to avoid the corrosion.
  • Shell and Tube heat exchanger formed by tubes of stainless steel with hot water circulating in the interior.
  • 6 segmented baffles located transversal in the glass shell.
  • Exchange length of the shell and each tube: L = 0.5m.
  • Internal tube (21 tubes):
  • Internal diameter: D = 8 ~ 9 mm
  • External diameter: D = 10 ~ 11 mm
  • Temperature sensors on service unit for measurement of hot and cold water
  • Software with service unit for computerized control of the unit


  • Transparent Shell made from Acrylic
  • Internal diameter: D = 0.148 m. approx. 0.12m
  • External diameter: D = 0.160 m. approx. 0.15m
  • Thickness more than 6 mm.