The Cross Flow Heat Exchanger is designed to study heat transfer between two fluids in cross flow configuration. Hot water flow coming from the base unit enters and leaves a radiator perpendicular to an air current, which is generated by a fan. The heat exchanger allows to measure water and air temperatures at the inlet and outlet of the exchanger

  • Anodized aluminum structure and panels in HDF.
  • Main water contact parts are either made of PVC, Stainless Steel and Brass to avoid Corrosion
  • Cross flow heat exchanger
  • Rectangular duct (Made of Poly methyl methacrylate)
  • Radiator (Heat transfer area = 30000mm2)
  • Fan (with controllable speed, 2m/s)
  • Sensor for measuring air velocity
  • Temperature sensors on service unit for measurement of hot and cold water
  • Software with service unit for computerized control of the unit