This Turbulent Flow Heat Exchanger let us study the heat transfer between hot water that circulates through an internal tube and cold water that flows through the annular zone between the internal and the external tube. This exchanger let us measure cold water and hot water temperatures at different points of the exchanger. Formed by two copper concentric tubes with hot water circulating through the internal tube and cold water circulating through the annular space. The exchanger has four equal sections of 500 mm each one, where the heat transfer takes place.

  • Anodized aluminum structure and panels in HDF.
  • Main water contact parts are either made of PVC, Stainless Steel and Brass to avoid Corrosion
  • Turbulent flow heat exchanger
  • Copper concentric tubes (Exchange length = 2 m)
  • Internal and external tubes (Internal heat transfer area = 0.03 m2, External heat transfer area = 0.04 m2)
  • Temperature sensors on service unit for measurement of hot and cold water
  • Software with service unit for computerized control of the unit