The Fluidization and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit has been designed for students to obtain visual understanding and quantitative results on the flow of air through both a packed and a fluidized bed of granular material. The unit basically consists of a glass chamber containing the bed material and an electrical heater. The chamber has a distribution chamber fitted with air distributor. Instrumentations are provided for the measurements of temperature, pressure and flow rate. The unit uses air as the fluidizing medium.

The Fluidization and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit comprises a glass cylinder with bed of a chosen granular material. At the lower end, the glass chamber has a distributor chamber with air distributor that supports the bed material. The air distributor keeps a uniform airflow into the bed with minimal pressure drop. The distributor can be replaced by self-designed distributor for student projects and other investigations. Upon leaving the bed, the air passes through the chamber and escapes to the atmosphere through an air filter. The chamber, filter and distributor assembly is suspended with brackets mounted on the panel.

Air from the local compressed air supply is first passed through a filter/pressure regulator, airflow rotameters and air flow control valves before entering the distribution chamber. A variable transformer is provided for controlling the heating power, and the heater input power is displayed on the control panel. The heating element is fitted with a thermocouple for measurement of the heater surface temperature. All related temperature readings are digitally displayed on the control panel. The pressure drop at any level in the bed is measured by liquid filled manometer. The chamber is also fitted with a pressure relief device that discharges the air to the atmosphere whenever the chamber’s pressure exceeds the allowable pressure. The unit is designed such that the bed material can be easily changed. Four grades of Fused Alumina (Aluminum Oxide) loose grains are supplied with the unit that are suitable for a wide range of experiments on fluidization and heat transfer.

Technical Data


  • Capacity: 2.2L
  • Material: glass
  • Operating pressure: 600mbar

 Electrical Heater

  • Power: 250 W

 Flow Meters

  • Low Flow: 6-50 LPM @ 1 atm
  • High Flow: 20-160 LPM @ 1 atm


  • Range: 300 mmH2O

 Measuring ranges


  • -100oC~400oC


  • 0~2000mbar


  • 0~15m3/h

 Scope of Delivery

  • 1 experimental module
  • 1 instructional manual


  • To study the behavior of a fluidized bed for various types of granular materials.
  • Examination of the fluidized bed formation and the heat transfer in the fluidized bed.
  • To study the changes of pressure drop as a function of air flow for a variety of granular materials, both as packed and fluidized beds.
  • To study the effect of superficial velocity, immersion depth and particle size on the surface heat transfer coefficient for a hot surface in a fluidized bed.
  • To study the effect of distributor design on the bed behavior.


  • The unit is suitable for students’ experiments on the characteristic of air flow through a fixed bed and fluidized bed. The unit incorporates a glass chamber containing the bed material and an electrical heater for heat transfer studies.
  • Frame made of anodized aluminum profile and HDF.
  • Process flow diagram in front of panel
  • Reactor Made of glass fitted with distribution chamber, air distributor, air filter, electrical heater, temperature sensors and pressure drop measuring probe
  • Safety: High temp cut-off by means of a temperature controller
  • Fluidized bed: bed of compressed air (such as glass beads or aluminum oxide of 125 to 300 microns)
  • Digital display of sensors to indicate temperature and heater power measurement
  • Two flowmeters are installed for high and low air flow measurement
  • U tube manometer to measure pressure drop through bed
  • The electrical components are properly fused and electrically earthed.
  • Air compressor for supply of air
  • Piping and valves of stainless steel (where necessary)
  • Safety devices and control for protection of system
  • Emergency push button
  • Enough spares will be supplied for smooth operation for the period of 1 year.
  • The unit will be provided with all required accessories for smooth running, gases with cylinders (where required), calibration kits (if required), installation & after-sale services, maintenance services and operational manuals.