• To find the unknown weight of any body.
  • To familiarize with the parallelogram law of forces.
  • To familiarize with the laws of the addition of vectors.


It consists of:
Gravesand’s Apparatus , Paper Sheet ,Weights ,Threads ,Mirror Strips, Pencil.
Complete Set of Equipment Consisting of

  1. Slotted weight with hanger (5Kg, each 1 Kg): 3 Nos
  2. Pulleys (Brass): 4 Nos
  3. Spring Balance (Range from 1-10 Kg): 1 Nos
  4. Base Stand
  5. Spirit Level

Gravesand’s apparatus is a useful apparatus to measure the unknown weight of any body. It consists of 2 known weights which pass over two pulleys and support the body of unknown weight. It determines weight of body using parallelogram law of vectors.