• Fundamentals of a saponification reaction
  • Continuous operation
  • Conversion depending on
      * Retention time
    * Temperature
    * Concentration
  • retention time distribution


  • Plug-flow reactor for connection to service unit CRE-3305
  • Air vessel for damping of pulsation
  • T-piece with nozzle for mixing the reactants
  • Straight glass tube with fixed bed from glass spheres as reactor
  • Transparent double jacket from PMMA for heating with CRE-3305 and cooling with lab water supply
  • Sensor for measuring the conductivity and temperature via CRE-3305
  • Temperature control in the reactor via CRE-3305

Tubular reactors with plug flow are continually operated. They enable the analysis of chemical processes under predetermined circumstances. The gadget series that enables research with various reactor types includes the CRE-3305-04. It is possible to analyze the operation and behavior of a plugflow reactor while it is running continuously by using the supply unit CRE- 3305. The supply unit CRE-3305 is equipped with a heating water circuit, all required connections, pumps, reactant tanks, and a product tank. The reactors may alternatively be cooled in conjunction with a Water Chiller (separately offered) and the supply unit RE-3305. The supply unit is used to mount and secure CRE-3305-04, which is kept in place by two pins. The reactor may be quickly and easily connected to the supply unit using quick-release connections. Two pumps on the supply unit continuously feed the reactants into the reactor. The glass sphere fixed bed creates a flow across the reactor’s whole cross section. The reactants react to create the product. Through the upper end of the reactor, the combination of product and unconverted reactants is released. Through the use of an additional peristaltic pump, the mixture is moved into a tank of the supply unit. By varying the speed of the pumps on the supply unit, the retention duration of the reactants in the reactor can be changed. By measuring the conductivity, the conversion in the plug-flow reactor is ascertained. The CRE-3305 comes with a conductivity/temperature combination sensor. On the supply unit, conductivity and temperature are digitally shown.


Technical data

Plug-flow reactor

  • Inside diameter: 43mm, Height: 415mm
  • Material: PMMA

Required: Service Unit for Chemical Rectors CRE-3305.