• Fundamentals of a saponification reaction
  • Conversion depending on
    * Retention time
    * Temperature
    * Concentration


  • Continuous Tubular heat exchanger as a reactor for connection to service unit CRE-3305
  • Helical tube as reactor
  • Pre-heating of reactants with stainless steel coiled tubes
  • T-piece with 2 nozzles for mixing the preheated reactants
  • Measurement of conductivity by taking sample at the inlet, center, and at the outlet of the reactor.
  • Tank as water bath for the reactor and for connection to the heating water circuit of CRE-3305
  • Pumps to convey the reactants via CRE-3305
  • Adjustment of the volumetric flowrates of the reactants through pump via CRE-3305
  • Sensor for measuring the conductivity and temperature via CRE-3305
  • Temperature control in the reactor via CRE-3305

Continuously running reactors are tubular reactors. They make it possible to produce goods in big volumes and at a constant level of quality. This equipment series that enables research with various reactor types includes the CRE-3305-05. Examining the operation and behavior of a tubular reactor is possible in conjunction with supply unit CRE-3305. The supply unit CRE-3305 is equipped with a heating water circuit, all required connections, pumps, reactant tanks, and a product tank. The supply unit is used to mount the CRE-3305-05, which is secured in place by two pins. The reactor may be quickly and easily connected to the supply unit using quick-release connections. The reactants are delivered into the reactor individually through each nozzle by the two pumps of the supply unit.
The two reactants are combined in the T-center pieces due to the placement of the nozzle outlets. The two reactants are introduced into the mixture, which then enters the helical tube. After leaving the tube, the combination of product and unconverted reactants is carried into a tank of the supply unit. By varying the speed of the pumps on the supply unit, the retention duration of the reactants in the tubular reactor can be changed. The water bath also houses the tube. The supply unit’s heating water circuit is connected to the water bath, allowing the user to test the effect of temperature on the response. The conductivity is measured to ascertain the conversion in the tubular reactor. The CRE-3305 has a conductivity/temperature sensor that is combined. Temperature and conductivity are digitally shown.


Technical Data

Tubular reactor

  • Inside diameter: 6mm
  • Reactor capacity: approx. 280mL
  • Material: Stainless steel or PA

Water bath

  • Outer diameter: 150mm
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Material: PMMA

Required: Service Unit for Chemical Rectors CRE-3305.