• To Determine Hydrodynamics of a Trickle Bed Reactor involving the measurement of Pressure Drop, Hold-Up & Flow Regime


  • Rust free steel structure for the strength as well as easy to handle with caster wheels for easy moments.
  • Hot water circulated transparent concentric type Column
  • Two types of packing material
  • Rotameter to measure the flow of liquid and gas/air
  • Transparent Liquid Feed Tank.
  • Feed Circulation using feed pump
  • Air compressor
  • Pressure Gauges for liquid and gas
  • Con-current and co-current flow possible using 4 ball valves
  • Mixing Chamber made of Stainless Steel of Compatible Capacity for Air & Water
  • Liquid Catch Pot made of Stainless Steel of Compatible Capacity.
  • Differential pressure transmitter for measuring pressure drop in the column
  • Stainless Steel and PVC piping for water lines
  • Control Valves: Material Gun Metal/Brass
  • Control Panel Comprising of temperatures indicators and switches

A glass column is part of the arrangement. The glass column may be easily changed, and any necessary packing can be placed inside of it. Air is permitted to enter the top column after passing through a sparker and a pressure vessel with controlled pressure. A spray nozzle at the top of a column distributes liquid that is fed from a tank by a pump. Manometers are entirely included in the setup process. For immediate release and closing, solenoid valves are provided in the feed line at the top of the column. By turning the valves built into each line, the flow rate can be changed.


Technical Data


  • Type: double jacketed
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Inner dia.: 80mm
  • Height: 1000mm


Glass beads

  • Dia.: 3mm

Rasching Rings

  • Dia.: 10mm
  • Height: 10mm

Pressure Gauge

  • Quantity: 2
  • Range: 0~2bar

Differential Pressure transmitter

  • Range: -25~25kPa
  • Accuracy: 0.1kPa


  • Liquid: 1~7LPM
  • Gas/air: 0.4~4m3/h

Feed tank

  • Capacity: 20L
  • Material: borosilicate

Feed Pump

  • Max. flow rate: 10L/min
  • Max. head: 10m
  • Power consumption: 120W

Measuring ranges

  • Flow: 1~7LPM, 0.4~4m3/h
  • Temperature: -100~400°C
  • Differential pressure: -25~25kPa
  • Pressure: 0~2bar

Software: CRE-3309SW (optional)

DAQ software specially designed in National Instrument™, LABVIEW™ environment to measure and calculate the results of apparatus. The software is optional and while using software a set of electronic sensors are included. Software can be run with any Windows™ environment.