• Determination of weir head.
  • Demonstrating characteristics of flow over rectangular and notch.
  • Determination of volumetric flow rate.
  • Determine the coefficient of discharge.


  • Self-sealing weir panels, manufactured from stainless steel
  • Level gauge to determine the weir head
  • Thomson weir with notch 90° and 30° rectangular weir notch with 50x100mm and with 25x100mm

Required for Operation

Hydraulic bench needed



Using the supplied weir plates, the measurement of the flow rate in open channels can be investigated. They are used together with the hydraulic bench. Water is fed from the hydraulic bench into a section of the channel, the water then flows over the weir into the volumetric tank and back to the sump tank. A weir with a V notch (Thomson weir) and a weir with a rectangular notch is provided for the investigations. A depth gauge for the determination of the weir head is included.