• Depiction of laminar flow.
  • Depiction of the transition flow.
  • Depiction of turbulent flow.


  • Module to carry out the Osborne Reynolds experiment, to be used with the lab water supply or Hydraulic Bench.
  • Horizontal experiment section made of plexi glass.
  • Tank to generate a constant water head.

The experimental pipe section in this unit is horizontal. The horizontal arrangement enables the ink injection to be controlled more easily. The flow rate in the experimental pipe section can be adjusted with a manual valve. A raised tank with overflow tube ensures a constant inlet head and flow rate. The clear formation of the streamlines enables the transition from laminar to turbulent flow to be observed. The critical Reynolds number is determined by measuring the flow velocity when this transition occurs. The water supply is provided either from the laboratory mains or using the Hydraulic Bench (closed water circuit).