• Behavior of Solar Module on Different Effects
  • Illuminance
  • Temperature
  • Shading
  • Parameter Testing of Solar Module
  • Short Circuit Current
  • Open Circuit Voltage
  • Maximum Output Voltage
  • Maximum Output Voltage
  • Relationship of inclination Angle of Solar Module with Light Source and Output Voltage and Current.
  • Calculating efficiency of Solar Module.
  • Wind Turbine Speed and Volt Output Relation
  • No Load Voltage of Wind Turbine
  • Loaded Output of the Solar Module and Wind turbine
  • Function of Charge Controller.
  • Function of Inverter


  • Moveable Solar Module Frame
  • Light Installed
  • Light Intensity Control Installed
  • Portable Wind Turbine Frame
  • AC 3φ Motor Installed
  • AC Motor Driver Installed
  • Solar / Wind Hybrid Controller Installed
  • Electric Brake Installed
  • Variable Resistive Load Installed

The Solar/Wind Energy Training Systems form complete hybrid-energy training systems. These training systems demonstrate how wind turbines and solar cells are being used in the consumer and industrial markets to supplement the world’s power needs. The program explores sunlight and wind as energy sources that can be used to help reduce dependence on non-renewable fuel sources.

Dual Solar Panel Module

Type: Polycrystalline Silicon
Number of Panels: 2
Number of cells: >36 per panel
Module area: >0.64m2 per panel (approx.)
Max. Output: 200 W per panel or higher
Power per unit area: 124W/m2 approx.
Peak efficiency: 12.38%
Power tolerance: -3%/+3%
Maximum system voltage: 1000VDC
Maximum power current: 7.12A per panel
Maximum power voltage: 20V per panel
Short-circuit current: approx.: 10.07 A per panel
Open-circuit voltage: approx.: 24 V per panel
Temperature coefficient of power: -0.4%/K
Temperature coefficient of voltage: -0.114V/K
Series Fuse Rating: 15A
Wind Turbine Module

Rated power: 250 W
Rated voltage: 24 V AC
Rated wind speed: 13 m / s
Wind wheel diameter: 1.4 m
Number of Blades: 3 or 5
Wind power and type: Three-phase AC permanent magnet
synchronous generator
Driven by 1hp motor for indoor use.
Required Ancillary: Wind Turbine Driver IRE-2512
Wind Turbine Driver

Motor Driver: 1 Phase 230V AC
Input Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Input Current: 9.3A
Output: 3 Phase 220VAC
Output Frequency: 0~50/60 Hz (Can be adjust upto 400Hz)
Output Current: 4.2A
Output Power: 750W
Wind Turbine AC / DC Module IRE-2513

The unit converts AC voltages from the Wind Turbine into DC
Max Input: 60VAC, 3-phase
Max Output: 100VDC or as input voltage
Overload fuse protected at 10A
Charge Controller Module IRE-2507

Voltage: 12 / 24V, (Auto-select)
Current: 30 A
Type: PWM Charge Controller
Highly efficient Series PWM charging
Battery temperature compensation
Real-time energy statistics
12-bit A/D high-precision sampling to ensure accuracy
Fuse Protected at the input/Output & Battery
Required Ancillary: Battery must be attached to operate this
Measuring Module with RPM IRE-2516

Volt meter: 500V DC
Current meter: 5A DC (or as requested)
RPM Meter: 0~5000 rpm
Resistive Load (for DC output) IRE-2520

This module consists of 2 resistive loads with 8 level switches
Power: up to 300W (max.)
Fuse Protected
Set of Cables

4mm safety patch cords used for interconnection of different

2- level aluminum frame
Length: 3ft
Height: 3.5ft