Technical Features:

  • 4 channels, 40MSa/sec
  • 70MHz analog input stage bandwidth
  • 9M Ohm /10pF input impedance
  • +/-20V input range, AC/DC coupling
  • 10 bits Analog to Digital converter
  • 0.8mV to 40mV/LSB resolution
  • Input protection up to +-200V

Power Supplies and Voltmeters

  • Voltage/Current supplies of up to +/[email protected]
  • Fixed 5V/3.3V supply with up to 2 A
  • 4 voltmeters with +/-10V inputs
  • Input impedance 1.2M Ohm
  • Voltmeter input protection up to +/-200V
  • Two reference voltages with +/-10V

Static I/O

  • PC-based virtual I/O devices including push buttons, LEDs,
  • Switches, Seven Segments displays, Sliders & progress bars
  • Customized visualization

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • 2 channels, 40MSa/sec
  • 4 MHz bandwidth
  • 10V amplitude with +/-10 V offset
  • Open loop impedance 35 Ohm
  • 14 bits Digital to Analog converter
  • Standard and user defined waveforms
  • 2KSa buffer depth for carrier and up to 32KSa buffer depth for the modulator signal
  • AM/FM modulation with frequencies of up to 4MHz
  • Swept and damped waveforms
  • Import data options

Software Features

  • Analog-In channels shared with Oscilloscope.
  • Up to 16KSa buffer depth
  • Advanced triggering(edge, pulse, transition types and hysteresis, hold-off parameters)
  • Channels filtering: average, decimate, min/max
  • FFT, XY, and Histogram functions
  • Recording and audio functions
  • Advanced data measurements for each channel and global measurements
  • Export data and waveform options
  • 32 digital pins (shared with Digital Signal Generator and Static I/O) 100MSa/sec
  • Internal/External clock
  • Up to 16KSa per pin buffer depth
  • Trigger options
  • Save signals values option
  • Tabular data visualization
  • Auto scale and plot functions for each supply(voltage, current and power) and voltmeter
  • Save data and waveform options

It includes 4-channel PC oscilloscope, waveform generators, power supplies, voltmeters, reference voltage generators, and thirty-two digital I/O signals that can be configured as a logic analyzer, pattern generator, or any one of several static digital I/O devices. All of these instruments can be accessed using BNC, connectors and 2mm gold plated sockets.

The IT-1700 is powered by PC-based WaveForms™ software that makes it easy to acquire, store, analyze, produce and reuse analog and digital signals. WaveForms™ runs well on virtually any notebook PC, including low-cost Netbooks. A high-speed USB2 connection ensures all PC based instruments respond in near real-time.  WaveForms™ data files are stored using standard formats, making it easy to share data between instruments, and to export data to word processors or graphics editors.