Experiments Included:

  • Study Pulse Amplitude Modulation using Natural & Flat Top
  • Study PAM using Sample
  • Study PAM using Sample & Hold
  • Study PAM De-modulation with Sample, Sample & Hold and Flat Top
  • Study PPM Using DC Input
  • Study PPM Using Sine Wave Input
  • Study PPM De-modulation
  • Study PWM using DC input
  • Study Voice Link Using PAM
  • Study Voice Link Using PPM
  • Study Voice Link Using Pulse Width Modulation

This training system is designed for students to better understand the pulse modulation techniques. All modulation techniques use different circuits & steps to modulate the analog signed & retrieve original signal.


  • Power Supply Included
  • Required Circuits Tested
  • Each Section Clearly Marked for Input and Output
  • Each Section Works as an Independent Unit
  • Built-In Clock Generators
  • Built-In Sine Generators
  • Built-in Data Generator
  • Built-In AC Amplifier
  • Each Section Clearly Marked for Easy Understanding

Technical Features:

  • Clock frequencies: 8KHz, 16KHz, 32KHz, 64KHz
  • Sine wave generator: Adjustable frequency and amplitude
  • Low pass filter: 5th order Butterworth filter
  • AC Amplifier: Adjustable gain
  • Audio Amplifier: Monolithic Amplifier with Speaker

Modulation Techniques Used:

  • PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation)
  • PPM (Pulse Position Modulation)
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)