Experiments Included:

  • Trainer Introduction
  • Device Introduction (8051/AVR/PIC)
  • Device Programming using Universal Programmer
  • Seven Segment Displays
  • Dot Matrix Display
  • 2-Dimensional Key-pad with Joystick
  • External interrupt and Timers
  • A/D and D/A converters
  • Computer Interfacing

Experiments with Optional Add-on Cards:

  • Programmable Peripheral Interface (82C55)
  • 4×7-Segment
  • 16×4 Character LCD
  • 128×64 Graphical LCD
  • 8-CH Relay Output
  • DC Motor
  • R/C Servo
  • Stepper Motor with Direction Control
  • Strain Gauge & Temperature Module
  • Audio Unit
  • Ultrasonic
  • Traffic Light

IT-4311 is a basic Microcontroller Training System. This system contains on board devices like A/D converter, D/A converter, Dot Matrix Displays, Matrix keypad, 7-Segment, DIP switches and LEDs for monitoring and 840 tie point bread board for custom applications. Trainer contains the device programmer and device mounting option. This enables students to perform experiments on major microcontroller platforms namely AVR, PIC and 8051.


  • Power Supply Included
  • Required Circuits Tested
  • Each Section Clearly Marked for Input and Output
  • Peripherals Included
  • Peripheral can be used Independently
  • Built-in Protection Circuit
  • Each Section Clearly Marked for Easy Understanding

Technical Features:

  • 8-Bit A/D & D/A Converter
  • Two 7-Segment Displays
  • 8-Bit DIP Switches, 8X Monitor LEDs
  • 16×8 Dot Matrix Display
  • 2x I2C EEPROM Interface
  • 4×4 Matrix Keypad with 5-way Joystick
  • 2x Interrupt Source
  • Serial Port Interface with USB-UART converter
  • USB Programmer for AVR, PIC and 8051 Devices
  • Plug-In Board (AVR/PIC/8051)
  • Breadboard with 840 Tie Points

Accessories: Power Cord, 2mm Patch Cords, 10-pin IDC Cable, Software CD, Experiment Manual, Bread Board Module (IT-4331)

Optional Add-On Modules:

  • IT-4334 Programmable Peripheral Interface (82C55)
  • IT-4335 4x 7-Segment
  • IT-4337 16×4 Character LCD
  • IT-4338 128×64 Graphical LCD
  • IT-4339 8-CH Relay Output
  • IT-4340 DC Motor with Optical Encoder
  • IT-4341 R/C Servo with Driver
  • IT-4342 Stepper Motor with Direction Control
  • IT-4343 Strain Gauge & Temperature Module
  • IT-4344 Audio Unit Module
  • IT-4345 Ultrasonic Module
  • IT-4346 Traffic Light Module