Experiments Included:

  • Ball & Beam Features & Benefits
  • Ball & Beam Functional Components
  • Mechanical Model of Ball & Beam
  • Modeling The Ball And Beam Experiment In Simulink
  • Electrical Model
  • Control Model
  • Open-Loop Model Of Ball & Beam System
  • Ball & Beam Control Using PID
  • Root Locus Method
  • Frequency Response Method

Ball & Beam control system are specially designed for courses in automatic control principle, modern control engineering, and electrical motor control. It is able to control the position of a stainless steel ball on the track by adjusting the rotating angle of a beam. The system consists of two parts, namely the Ball & Beam body and the control system.


  • Sensors installed on-board
  • Control Circuits Installed
  • Drivers Installed
  • Protection Circuits Installed

Technical Features:

  • Motor: DC
  • Optical Encoder: 1000 lines/revolution
  • Gear Ratio: 1:4
  • Moving Range: 400mm
  • Linear Potentiometer
  • Intelligent Motion Controller
  • PID control module
  • Digital Encoder module
  • DC power supply module

Matlab Control Interface

  • Take frequency domain step response as an example:
  • Frequency domain step response simulation curve:
  • Frequency domain step response real time control interface:
  • Frequency domain step response real time control curve: