Experiments Included:

The Experiments that can be developed with the module IT-5108 includes:

  • Principles of electro-pneumatics
  • Operation of pneumatic cylinders
  • Operation of inductive sensors
  • Operation of optic reflection sensors

The module IT-5108 is used to test and select pieces and it has been designed to work with the module of conveyor belt mod. IT-5108 It consists of two cylinders for the selection of pieces and two sensors: an inductive sensor enables to identify the material (plastic/metal); whereas another optic reflection sensor is used to identify the colour (white/black).

Technical Features:

Sensors and actuators:

  • 1 Inductive sensor
  • 1 Optic reflection sensor
  • 2 3/2 electro-valves

Module I/O:

  • 2 Digital inputs
  • 2 Digital outputs