• Fundamentals of control engineering based on the example of a level control system with integral control action
  • Open loop control response
  • Investigation of a controlled system without feedback
  • Effects of different controller parameters and methods on the response of the closed loop system
  • Recording of step responses (Reference variable / Disturbance variable)

Level control training system offers to learn the basic fundamentals of control engineering. The transparent level-controlled tank is fed from the storage tank with the aid of a speed-controlled pump. The liquid level is measured using a pressure sensor. The sensor output signal is sent to the software controller. The controller’s output signal influences the speed of the pump motor and therefore delivery flow rate. To investigate the influence of disturbance variables, an electromagnetic proportional valve in the tank outlet can be activated by the software. The software is designed in LabView. The software is an integral part of the training system, embodying the principle of hardware/software integration (HSI). It enables the experiments to be conducted and evaluated in a user friendly manner. The software has network capability. The link between the experimental unit and the PC is made via a USB port. The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.