Experiments Included:

  • Understanding concepts of Satellite Communication
  • To set up direct link using Uplink and Downlink
  • To set up Active Satellite link
  • Study of Satellite transponder
  • To set up Satellite communication link using transponder
  • Study Audio-Video transmission through Satellite link
  • Study of Voice transmission in Satellite link
  • To transmit and receive function generator waveforms through Satellite link
  • To transmit Tone through Satellite link
  • To establish PC-PC Communication using Satellite Communication link


Satellite communication Trainer IT-703 demonstrates the basic concept of satellite communication. The trainer is based on three parts namely Uplink Transmitter (IT-703A), Transponder (IT-703B) and Downlink Receiver (IT-703C). This trainer is capable of transmitting two Audio channels and one Video channel simultaneously. All parts of the trainer are self contained providing the student with microphone interface tone generator and data generator etc. PC software is also available for PC-PC data transmission using satellite link.


  • Power Supply Included
  • Required Circuits Tested
  • Each Section Clearly Marked for Input and Output
  • Built-in Amplifier
  • Built-in Data Generator
  • Built-in Audio Generator
  • Built-in Speaker with Amplifier
  • Built-in Protection Circuit
  • Each Section Clearly Marked for Easy Understanding

Technical Features:

Uplink Transmitter:

  • VCO Frequency: 2.4~2.48 GHz
  • Channel: 4 selectable
  • RISC processor based PLL
  • Audio/Video Signal: 1Vp-p/1Vp-p
  • Audio Generator: Adjustable amplitude and Frequency
  • Microphone¬† Interface: for Voice applications
  • PC interface: USB-UART interface
  • Clock Generator: 1KHz, 2KHz and 4KHz
  • Data Generator: 8-Bit DIP selectable
  • Antenna: Monopole (Detachable with Stand)
  • Output Power: 25 mW (approx.)


  • Downlink Frequency: 2.4~2.48 Ghz
  • Uplink Frequency: 2.4~2.48 Ghz
  • Antenna: Monopole (Detachable with Stand)
  • Low Pass Filter: 5th Order Butterworth with 3.4KHz cut off
  • Output Power: 25 mW (approx.)
  • Speaker: For Audio with Amplifier

Downlink Receiver:

  • Downlink Frequency: 2.4~2.48 Ghz
  • RISC processor based PLL
  • Antenna: Monopole (Detachable with Stand)
  • Sensitivity: -80dBm
  • Low Pass Filter: 5th Order Butterworth with 3.4KHz cut off
  • AC Amplifier: with variable gain
  • Comparator: used as Data Squarer
  • Audio Amplifier: Monolithic Amplifier with Speaker
  • PC interface: USB-UART interface
  • Interconnections: 2mm gold plated pins

Accessories: USB cable, Software CD, Audio / Video RCA connectors, Experiment Manual, Antennas, Power Cord and Microphone