Experiments Included:

  • Introduction to the microwave VCO source and detector and action of 3-port circular
  • Measurement of insertion loss of Low Pass Filter
  • Measurement of insertion loss of Band Pass Filter
  • Properties of Directional Coupler
  • Measurement of Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient and VSWR
  • Determination of an unknown resistive load
  • Measurement of Effective Dielectric Constant using Ring Resonator
  • Properties of Power Divider and Rat-Race Coupler
  • Quadrature Hybrid Coupler Investigation
  • DC biasing circuits and MMIC amplifier
  • Microwave radio link and patch antenna

This trainer uses high precision components to allow students to investigate Microstrip Technology principles. The Complete Microstrip Communication Trainer IT-8100 needs no special test equipment. It is designed to use with the digital voltmeter and DC Power supply. A comprehensive manual provides user with detailed background material, theory and structured assignments, whilst avoiding unnecessary mathematical analysis.


  • Industrial Grade VCO source
  • Modular Structure
  • Complete theoretical background
  • Stable RF Detector

Technical Features:
Main Unit:
S-Band Transceiver:

  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator: 2~4 GHz
  • Output Power: 9dBm
  • Tuning Voltage: 1.25~22V DC
  • Power Output Flatness:  ±2dBm
  • RF Signal Detector:
  • Frequency Range: 50MHz~4GHz
  • Input Power: -5dBm~-45dBm
  • Modulation: 1KHz ASK
  • 2x Digital Voltmeter

Microstrip Components:

  • S-Band MMIC Amplifier
  • DC Biasing Unit
  • Patch Antenna
  • 3-Port Circulator
  • Low Pass Filter
  • Band Pass Filter
  • Matched Load
  • Directional Coupler
  • Hybrid Coupler
  • Rat Race Coupler
  • Ring Resonator
  • Wilkinson Power Divider
  • T-Divider

Accessories: Termination(Short), Termination (50Ohm), SMA Male-Male Cables, SMA Male-  Male Connectors, Experiment Manual, 2mm Patch Cords and Power Cord