Experiments Included:

  • Study of Antenna Polarization, Axial Ratio And Tilt Angle of a Circularly Polarized Antenna
  • Study of Dipole Antenna And Its Radiation Pattern
  • Study of Rectangular Patch Antenna
  • Study of Circular Patch Antenna
  • Study of 4 Elements Rectangular Patch Antenna Array
  • To Study the Behavior of Loop Antenna
  • Study of 3-Element Yagi-Uda Antenna
  • Study of 5-Element Yagi-Uda Antenna
  • Study of 7-Element Yagi-Uda Antenna
  • Study of 5-Element Log Periodic Antenna
  • Study of 7-Element Log Periodic Antenna
  • Study of 9- Element Log Periodic Antenna
  • Study of Folded Dipole Antenna
  • Study of Monopole Antenna
  • Study of Half Wavelength Monopole Antenna
  • To Study Phase Array End Fire Antenna
  • To Study Quarter Wavelength Phase
  • Array End Fire Antenna
  • To Study Combined Co-Linear Array
  • To Study Broad Side Array
  • To Study Helical Antenna

IT-8400A trainer with computer interface and software introduces students to the fundamental principles of Antenna through a wide range of practical activities. A large variety of Antennas are included to familiarize the students with different types of Antennas. The most important topic covers in the experiment is to study of antenna using S-band frequencies. The antenna trainer consists of different components and peripherals equipment required to perform the experiments.


  • Industrial Grade Equipment
  • Stable Source
  • Modular Structure
  • Real Time Plotting Software

Technical Features:

  • VCO 2.2-2.72GHz (Tunable)
  • VCO 2.4GHz (Fixed)
  • Tuning Voltage: 1.2-16V DC
  • Display: V Tune, F.P. & R.P.

Modulation: 1KHz ASK

  • Output Power: +8dBm typical
  • RF Detector: 2-4GHz
  • Sensitivity: -5 ~ -45dBm typical, Comparator

Antenna Included with the Trainer:

  1. Rectangular Patch
  2. Circular Patch
  3. 2×2 Rectangular Patch Array
  4. Monopole
  5. Lambda/2 Dipole
  6. Lambda/4 Dipole
  7. Folded Dipole
  8. Helix Antenna
  9. 3-Element Yagi-Uda
  10. 5-Element Yagi-Uda
  11. 7-Element Yagi-Uda
  12. 5-Element Log Periodic
  13. 7-Element Log Periodic
  14. Circular Loop
  15. Square Loop
  16. Lambda/2 Monopole
  17. 3Lambda/2 Dipole
  18. Lambda/2 Phase Array
  19. Lambda/4 Phase Array
  20. Broad Side Array
  21. Combined Co-Linear Array
  22. Fractal Antenna
  23. Lambda/2 Sierpinsky Triangle Bow-Tie Antenna
  24. Tapered monopole Antenna
  25. Element Yagi-UDA Folded Dipole.
  26. Folded Dipole (Receiver Antenna)
  27. Lambda/2 Monopole (Receiver Antenna)

Accessories: Power cord, 2mm patch cord, Experiment manual, SMA male-male cable, 50 Ohm Terminator, USB Cable.