• Creep experiment with a lead specimen.
  • Creep experiment with a polypropylene specimen.


  • Table unit for the investigation of the creep behavior of different materials.
  • Flat specimens made of lead and PP.
  • Specimen cross-section 2x5mm, measured length 25mm.
  • Tensile stress range 2.5~35N/mm².
  • Position measurement gauge 0~10mm, resolution 0.01mm.
  • Experiments above or below room temperature possible with conditioning box.

This apparatus explains the creep behaviours of several materials (Lead and PP). In a straightforward creep rupture test, varied creep rates or temperature dependant creep behaviour may be shown. Using this apparatus, a straightforward creep rupture test can show common phenomena such phases of varied creep rates or temperature-dependent creep behaviour. Flat lead and plastic specimens are utilised to get acceptable creep rates at room temperature. A base plate, a support pillar with an adjustable end stop, a transmission lever, and a load weight make up the unit. The specimen holders include knife-edge bearings so no bending pressures are applied to the specimen. Experiments can be carried out at or below room temperature with the help of a transparent conditioning box with thermal storage elements.