• Determination of notched bar impact work.
  • Determination of notched bar impact strength.
  • Evaluation of fracture surface characteristics.
  • Notched bar impact work-temperature curve.
  • Influence of notch shape on the notched bar Impact work.
  • Influence of materials and their prior heat treatment on the notched bar impact work.
  • Influence of specimen temperature on the notched bar impact work.


  • Material testing table-top experiment for performing the notched bar impact bending test.
  • Quality testing and evaluation of the fracture behaviour of metallic materials.
  • Pendulum impact testing machine according to Specimens: i. Specimen cross-section: 10x10mm. ii. Specimen cross-section at notch: 10×5 and 10x8mm.
  • Hammer impact speed: 3.8m/s.
  • Increased safety through single hand trigger.
  • Specimen materials: (free-cutting steel 9SMn28K, tempering steel C45, construction steel St37, brass CuZn40Pb2).
  • PC data acquisition optionally Available.
  • U, V and keyhole notch

This equipment is utilised for checking product quality and assessing how metallic materials fracture. It is a component of a complete course on the foundational ideas of material testing. The pendulum impact testing apparatus is a reliable piece of equipment created especially for engineering courses. One of the traditional material tests that it is used for is the notched bar impact bending test. This enables the evaluation of fracture behaviour in various metallic materials and the testing of quality. The device can be used with non-metallic specimens just as well. On a big scale, the impact effort required to distort the specimen using a notched bar can be read off straight from the gauge. The user’s safety is increased with a single-handed trigger. There is also a PC data acquisition option (Optional). The unit’s straightforward design and clear visibility of every movement are its main educational advantages. This lesson, along with the others in the series, makes up a comprehensive course on the core ideas behind material testing.