• Power Supply
  •  DC Machines
  •  Single Phase Machines
  •  Three Phase Machines
  •  Single Phase Transformers
  •  Three Phase Transformers
  •  Brake
  •  Command Motor Control
  •  Variable resistive Load
  •  Variable inductive Load
  •  Variable capacitive Load
  •  Measuring Instruments
  •  Accessories

Electrical Machines is one of the most important areas of study for students in further and higher education. As we become more aware of the finite energy resources available to us it is imperative that we use them in the most efficient manner. Engineers and technicians need to know which machines and motors are best suited for particular applications, how to generate and distribute power with the minimum losses and how electrical circuits behave at higher voltages and currents.

  • Low cost start-up
  • Low cost installation suitable for bench-top use
  • Core system can be extended
  • High level of electrical and mechanical safety
  • Quick and easy machine coupling
  • Easily portable machines and system components
  • Modular concept provides flexibility for individual requirements
  • Multi-output DC, single and three phase protected supply
  • Choice of instrumentation available

All machines and motors are nominally rated at 250/300W and are bench mounted. All other modules like power supplies, loads, measuring instruments, etc. are available separately and can be mounted in a rigid insulating frame that can easily accommodate all available modules. Safety has been paramount during the development of this system and every effort has been made to protect both the user and the equipment. Safety 4mm sockets are used throughout for interconnections and guards are provided to cover rotating components. A detailed manual providing both theory and experimental procedures is provided in hard copy to help the student to gain a working understanding of the subjects listed.