• Single Phase Paralleling Transformer
  •  Single Phase Open Circuit of Transformer
  • Single Phase Short Circuit (SC) of Transformer
  • Single Phase Transformer Polarity Test
  •  Three Phase Variable Transformer
  •  Three Phase Distribution Transformer
  • Three Phase Banking of 3, Single Phase Transformer
  •  Open Circuit (OC) Test of a Three Phase Transformer
  •  Short Circuit (SC) Test of a Three Phase Transformer
  • Voltage Regulation of a Three Phase Transformer
  •  Determine Efficiency


  • Single Phase Transformer
  •  Scale Factor: 1:1000
  • Primary Input: 1 x 220 V
  •  Secondary Output: 1 x 220 V windings with taps at +5%, -5%, -10%, -15%

Three Phase Distribution Transformer

  • Scale Factor: 1:1000
  •  Primary Input: 3 x 380 V
  •  Connection Type: Star or Delta
  • Secondary Output: 3 x 220 V windings with taps at +5%, -5%, -10%, -15%
  • Star connection for 3 x 380 V various star connections possible

Variable Three Phase Power Supply AC

  • Power supply provides variable Three Phase Voltage
  •  Protection Breaker
  • Output Adjusted by Rotary Knob
  •  Output: 3 x 0-380 V
  •  Supply voltage: Three Phase from Mains

Three Phase Power Analyzer

  • Supply: 400V
  •  Mainboard: Microprocessor Controlled
  •  Measurement:
  •  Volt: 80-500V
  • Current: 5A
  •  Frequency: 47-63Hz
  •  Active Power
  •  Reactive Power

Single phase Analyzer

  • Measurement: Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Reactive Power and Power Factor
  • Supply: Single Phase from the mains
  •  Display: 7-Segment LED
  •  Measurement ranges:
  •  Volt: 0-600V
  •  Current: 5/1A via CT
  •  Frequency ranges:
  •  Active Power: 50/60 Hz
  • Reactive Power: 50/60 Hz

The Transformer Trainer module fully examines single-phase and three-phase power and distribution transformers. The fully instrumented unit includes:

  • One three-phase delta-star transformer
  •  Three single-phase educational transformer with tertiary windings.

All windings of the educational transformer connect to colour-coded shrouded sockets on the control panel. The educational transformers work at one volt each turn, so the no-load output voltages are the same as the number of secondary turns. An adjustable autotransformer allows voltage experiments (for example – with the educational transformers). The module includes a second fixed ratio delta-star transformer for extra experiments. The control panel includes all the analogue and digital meters and transducers needed to measure electrical voltage, current and power for all transformer tests. Also included are selectable resistive, inductive loads, which can connect in parallel, series, delta or star connection. Supplied with the equipment is a set of shrouded leads for the user to connect the test circuits together. The unit includes an emergency switch, a mains supply isolator and protection fuses.