• To study the connection /measurement of
  •  Energy Meter and Consumer Unit
  • Voltage
  •  Current
  •  MCB wiring
  • Tube Light wiring
  • Two-Way Switch wiring
  •  Short Circuit Fault
  •  Switchboard
  •  Ceiling Fan
  • Series-Parallel Operation on load


  • Easy diagrammatic representation of circuits.
  •  Energy Meter, Voltage and Current display on Graphical LCD (128×64).
  • Test points are provided to measure the voltages at different points.
  • Designed after considering all safety standards.
  •  Low Cost Training System.

Home Electrical Wiring Training System is a product which is helpful for students to get familiar with home wiring circuits. This product provides a realistic training environment which is essential for every electrical engineering student and also for apprentice electrician. It consists of Single Phase Energy Meter, MCB, Controlling Switches, Tube Light with Choke, Regulated Switch, Ceiling Fan, etc. Good quality safe terminals and sockets are provided at appropriate places on board for power supply and load connections.