• Experimental checking of the laws of gyroscopes precession.


  • Demonstration and student experiments on the moments generated on a gyroscope.
  • Adjustable gyroscope speed.
  • Adjustable gyroscope frame speed.
  • Mass of the gyroscope body: 65g
  • Two independently controllable electric motors.
  • Transparent protective cover made of plastic.

This apparatus is designed to study the working of gyroscope. The gyroscope is a mechanical device which is capable of maintaining its axis. The unit consists of a control box on the top of which entire unit is assembled. The gyroscope consists of a main frame, a weight at the center of the frame, two motors for rotation of the frame and metallic rod having weight which can be

rotated at a controlled speed by the control panel. The rotational speeds of both these rotating parts are controlled by control panel and adjusted in such a way that the unit gets balanced.

The moments generated by the gyroscopic effect can be investigated using this unit. The basic component is a flywheel driven about its own axis.

This is mounted together with its drive motor as a yoke and forms the gyroscope. This arrangement is placed in rotation about a vertical axis with the aid of a second motor. The rotational speeds of both motors are electronically regulated and displayed digitally. The gyroscopic moment is preselected by simply positioning a counterweight at different radii.

A transparent cover provides protection against touching the rotating parts. The gyroscope is a portable table unit. All that is required for operation is a mains supply.