• Inertial or apparent force.
  • Interference of a rotational movement on a translational movement.
  • Visualisation of the Coriolis force effect.


  • Visualisation of the Coriolis force effect.
  • Rotating reference frame consisting of transparent water tank with submersible pump on a rotating arm.
  • Deflection of a water jet in radial direction dependent on the speed and direction of rotation.
  • Scale to read the deflection of the water jet.
  • Closed water circuit.
  • Speed sensor with digital display.

Coriolis effect is an effect that is defined as deflection of objects that are moving in a straight path relative to the Earth’s surface. The strength of the deflection is directly proportional to the speed of the Earth’s rotation at different latitudes but it has an impact on moving objects across the globe. This apparatus consists of a horizontal rotating arm that sits on top of a main base unit. The rotating arm has a water tank fitted onto it. The water tank has a submersible pump which is used to spray jet of water in a radial direction. To measure the degree of deflection of water, a scale is made on the water tank. Some instrumentation is done beforehand to display the speed of water as well as display the speed of rotation of the horizontal rotating arm.