• Bearing friction as a function of the choice of materials.
  • Bearing friction as a function of the cone angle.
  • Comparison of plain bearings with rolling contact bearings.


  • Experiment on the friction of axial bearings.
  • Bearing cone angle: 60o, 120o, 180o (flat), 90o
  • Disk diameter 200mm.
  • Additional weight set: 5kg x2 sets

This apparatus is used to perform comparative experiments on friction in axial bearings. Various bearing journals are bolted to the bottom end of a vertical shaft and combined with bearing housings of different shapes. Different materials enable the influence of the choice of materials to be investigated.

The top of the shaft is fitted with a pulley made of anodised aluminium; torque is applied here using a rope. The torque can be measured over the load applied. Weights are placed on the pulley to adjust the axial load. The unit is operated by hand and does not require a power supply.