• Basic unit for supplying experimental units in fluid
  • Closed water circuit with storage tank, pump and
    measuring tank
  • Measuring tank divided in two for volumetric flow
    rate measurements
  • Measuring beaker with scale for very small
    volumetric flow rates
  • Measurement of volumetric flow rates by using a
  • Work surface with integrated flume for
    experiments with weirs
  • Work surface with inside edge for safe placement
    of the accessory and for collecting the dripping
  • Storage tank, measuring tank and work surface
    made of GRP.

The Basic Hydraulic Bench permits a varied experimental cross-section in the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. The unit provides the basic equipment for individual experiments, the supply of water in the closed circuit. The determination of volumetric flow rate and the positioning of the experimental unit on the working surface of the base module and the collection of dripping water. The closed water circuit consists of the underlying storage tank with a powerful centrifugal pump and the measuring tank arranged above, in which the returning water is collected. The measuring tank is stepped, for larger and smaller volumetric flow rates. A measuring beaker is used for very small volumetric flow rates. The volumetric flow rates are measured using a stopwatch. The top work surface enables the various experimental units to be positioned easily and safely. A small flume is integrated in the work surface, in which experiments with weirs are conducted.