Experiments Included:

  • Resistor Characteristics
  • DC Current Measurement
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Power in DC Circuit
  • Series-parallel Network and Kirchhoff’s Law
  • Superposition, Thevenin’s and Norton’s the Theorems
  • Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
  • DC RC Circuit and Transient Phenomena
  • AC Voltage Measurement
  • AC Current Measurement
  • AC RC Circuit
  • AC RL Circuit
  • AC RLC Circuit
  • Power in AC Circuit
  • Transformer Characteristics
  • Series-Resonant Circuit
  • Parallel-Resonant Circuit
  • LC Filter
  • Diode Characteristics
  • Rectifier Circuit
  • Filter Circuit
  • Zener Diode Characteristics
  • LED Characteristics
  • Transistor Characteristics
  • Multimeter Functions
  • FET Characteristics
  • SCR Characteristics
  • UJT Characteristics
  • Wheatstone Bridge
  • Operating principle of magnetic-flux-density sensor
  • Application of the magnetic flux detector circuit
  • Operating principle of LC oscillators
  • Operate the circuit of Hartley oscillator
  • Operating principle of blocking oscillator
  • Voltage waveforms of blocking oscillator
  • Application of blocking oscillator
  • Operation of an electronic birdcall circuit

Electricity & Magnetism Trainer is a low cost teaching system. It is designed to provide all the basic tools necessary to conduct experiments related to Electricity & Magnetism. It is also ideally suited for developing, debugging, integrating and testing systems.


  • Bread Board Based
  • Power Supplies Included
  • Basic Measuring Instruments Included
  • Flexibility to Perform Custom Experiments
  • Passive Components Included in Modular Form
  • Active Components/Circuits Included
  • DC Motor, Coils and Transformers etc. Included
  • Standard Function Generator Included
  • Protection Circuits Included

Technical Features:

  • Function Generator:
    • Duty cycle: 50%
    • Frequency range: up to 100KHz in five steps
    • Output: Sine, Square, Triangle and TTL
    • Variable Frequency Control
    • Variable Gain Control
  • Magnetic Devices: Hall Sensor
  • Potentiometer: 2.2K & 1K
  • Galvanometer: Analog Scale
  • Transformers: Audio Input, Audio Output
  • FIX Supply DC: +5V DC, -5V DC, +12V DC, -12V DC
  • Variable Supply DC: 0 ~ +25V DC, 0 ~ -25V DC
  • FIX Supply AC: 2V-0-2V, 12V-0-12V, 15V-0-15V
  • 3 ½-Digit Digital Voltmeter/Ammeter
  • DC Voltage Range: 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V
  • DC Current Range: 0 ~ 2A, Fuse Protected
  • Audio Amplifier: With volume Control
  • Solderless Breadboard:
    • 2 Terminal Strips, Tie-point 1680
    • 4 Distribution Strips, Tie-point 400

Accessories: 2mm patch cords, Power Cord, User Manual

Optional Daughter Cards

IT-100A Add-On Card

2xSPDT Switch, Reed Switch, 2x12V Lamp, 12V SPDT Relay, Reed Relay and Solid State Relay(SSR)



  • Mechanical construction of an electromagnetic relay.
  • How to use a relay.
  • Applications of magnetic field.
  • Magnetic devices in alarm circuits.
  • Mechanical construction of a Reed Relay.
  • How to use a Reed Relay.
  • Mechanical construction of a SSR Relay.
  • How to use a SSR Relay.


IT-100B Add-On Card:

Air Core Coil, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, Self Induction Coil


  • Lenz’s Law in electromagnetic induction.
  • Faraday’s Law in electromagnetic induction.
  • Self-induction of a coil.
  • Phenomenon of self-induction.
  • Fleming’s left-hand rule.
  • Fleming’s right-hand rule.


IT-100C Add-On Card:

Plunger Relay, Motor  Generator Set



  • Magnetic field strength around a coil.
  • Factors for producing a magnetic field.
  • Fleming’s left-hand rule using.
  • Fleming’s Law Application.
  • Fleming’s right-hand rule using Fleming’s Law  Application.


IT-100D Add-On Card:

Ampere’s Law, Mutual Induction Coil


  • Right-hand rule (Ampere’s Law) by using a single wire.
  • Right-hand rule (Ampere’s Law) by using a coil.
  • Mutual-induction between coils.
  • Phenomenon of mutual-induction.