• Standard Function Generator Included
  • AC/DC Power Supplies Included
  • Basic Measuring Instruments Included
  • Passive Components Required are Mounted on Modules
  • Active Components Required are Mounted on Modules
  • Protection Circuits Included

Technical Features:

Main Unit:

  • Fixed DC: +5V, +12V, -12V
  • Maximum Current Output: 0.3A
  • Dual DC Power Supply: 0 ~ +25V and 0 ~ -25V adjustable

AC Power Supply:

  • Voltage Range: 2V-0V-2V, 12V-0V-12V, 15V-0V-15V
  • Maximum Current Output: 500mA

Function Generator:

  • Output Waveform: Sine, Square, Triangle and TTL
  • Output Frequency: up to 100KHz in five steps

3 ½-Digit Digital Voltmeter/Ammeter:

  • DC Voltage Range: 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V
  • DC Current Range: 0 ~ 2A, Fuse Protected


IT-2000 is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone engaged in electronic circuit experiments. All necessary equipment for electronic circuit experiments such as power supply, function generator, digital meters are installed on the main unit. The 20 modules cover a wide variety of essential topics in the field of electronics circuit. It is a time and cost saving device for both students and researchers interested in developing and testing circuit prototypes.

Accessories: Experiment Manual, User Manual, 2mm Patch Cords, Power Cord

Optional Data Interface Unit:

IT-1600 – PC Based Oscilloscope with Digital Interface
IT-1700 – PC Interface with Virtual Instrumentation


Module Experiments
  • Application of Ohm’s law
  • Series dc circuit
  • Parallel dc circuit
  • Combination dc circuit
  • Power in dc circuit
  • Voltage divider circuit
  • Kirchhoff’s voltage law, KVL
  • Kirchhoff’s current law, KCL
  • Superposition theorems
  • Norton’s theorems
  • Thévenin’s theorem
  • Norton’s theorems
  • Maximum power transfer
  • DC bridge circuits
  • Transient in series RC networks
  • Transient in series RL networks
  • PTC & NTC Thermistor
  • Relay
  • Resistor in AC Circuit
  • Inductor in AC Circuit
  • Capacitor in AC Circuit
  • R-L Series in AC Circuit
  • R-C Series in AC Circuit
  • R-L-C Series in AC Circuit
  • R-L Parallel in AC Circuit
  • R-C Parallel in AC Circuit
  • R-L-C Parallel in AC Circuit
  • Series Resonance Circuit
  • Parallel Resonance Circuit
  • To Determine The Inductive Reactance Value
  • Magnetic Circuit
  • No Load Transformer
  • Load in Transformer
  • Diode Characteristics
  • Characteristics and application of a zener diode
  • Diode in a dc circuit
  • Half-wave rectifier circuits
  • Full-wave rectifier circuits with center tapped
  • Bridge rectifier circuits
  • Voltage doubler circuit
  • Characteristics of light emitting diode (LED)
  • Characteristics of bipolar junction transistor (BJT)
  • Characteristics of field-effect transistor (FIET)
  • Characteristics of uni-junction transistor (UJT)
  • Characteristics of programmable uni-junction (PUT)
  • Characteristics of silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)
  • Characteristics of DIAC
  • Characteristics of TRIAC
  • Photo-transistor
  • BJT Base-Biasing Circuit
  • BJT Collector-feedback Biasing Circuit
  • BJT Emitter-Biasing Circuit
  • BJT Voltage-Divider Biasing Circuit
  • Common Base Circuit
  • Static Test of Common Collector Circuit
  • Dynamic Test Common Collector Circuit
  • Transistor Saturation and cutoff Currents
  • Relay Drive With Transistor
  • Darlington Circuit
  • Photoelectric Control Circuit
  • Time Delay Circuit
  • Self-Bias Arrangement for JFET
  • Self-Bias Arrangement for MOSFET
  • JFET CS Amplifier (Self-Bias)
  • JFET CS Amplifier (Voltage-Dividing Bias)
  • Common Base Circuit
  • CD Amplifier (Voltage-Dividing Bias)
  • MOSFET Amplifier (Voltage-Dividing Bias)
  • OP Amp Parameters
  • Non-Inverting Amp Circuit
  • Inverting Amp Circuit
  • Voltage Follower Amp Circuit
  • Differential Amp Circuit
  • Summing Amp Circuit
  • Integrator Circuit
  • Differentiator Circuit
  • Voltage Comparator Circuit
  • Window Comparator Circuit
  • Schmitt Trigger Circuit
  • Astable (Square Ware Generator)
  • Low-Pass Filter Circuit
  • High-Pass Filter Circuit
  • Band-Pass Filter circuit
  • Sine and Cosine Wave Generator
  • Square and Triangle Wave Generator
  • RC-Differentiator circuit
  • RC-Integrator Circuit
  • Clipper Circuit
  • Clamper Circuit
  • Switching Transistors and Inverting Circuit
  • Schmitt Trigger Circuit
  • Bootstrap Sawtooth Generator Circuit
  • Wien Bridge Oscillator Circuit
  • Variable voltage regulated DC power supply using Op-amp
  • Constant voltage regulated DC power supply using linear IC
  • Variable voltage regulated DC power supply using linear IC
  • Bistable multivibrator
  • Monostable multivibrator
  • Astable multivibrator
  • Logic gate circuit
  • Sampling gate circuit
  • Astable multivibrator using 555IC
  • Monostable multivibrator using 555IC
  • Function generator using ICL 8038 IC
  • Colpitt’s oscillator
  • Hartley oscillator
  • Crystal oscillator
  • Ramp generator
  • Schmitt trigger circuit
  • Variable voltage regulated DC power supply using Op-amp
  • Switching voltage regulator
  • Switching voltage regulator step-up configuration
  • Switching voltage regulator step down configuration
  • Class A amplifier
  • Class B amplifier
  • Class AB amplifier
  • Multistage amplifier
  • Transformer coupled class A amplifier
  • RC Coupling Amplifier
  • Direct Coupled Amplifier
  • Transformer Coupled Amplifier
  • Dual and Push-Pull Amplifier
  • OTL Amplifier
  • OCL Amplifier
  • Voltage-Samplings Series-Mixing Negative Feedback Circuit
  • Current-Sampling Series-Mixing Negative Feedback Circuit
  • Current-Sampling Shunt-Mixing negative Feedback Circuit
  • Voltage-Sampling Series-Mixing Positive Feedback Circuit
  • Wien-Bridge Oscillator
  • Basic Description of modulation / demodulation
  • AM Modulator
  • AM Demodulator
  • FM Modulator
  • FM Demodulator
  • DC RC Circuit
  • AC RC Circuit
  • AC RL Circuit
  • AC RLC Circuit
  • Parallel Resonant Circuit
  • Series Resonant Circuit
  • Passive RC Low Pass Filter
  • Passive RC High Pass Filter
  • Passive RC Band Pass Filter
  • Frequency to Voltage Converter
  • Voltage to Frequency Converter
  • Current to Voltage Converter
  • Voltage to Current Converter
  • 8-Bit Staircase Ramp Analog to Digital Converter
  • 8-Bit Successive Approximation Analog to Digital Converter
  • 4-Bit Weighted Resistor Discrete Digital to Analog Converter
  • 4-Bit R-2R Ladder Discrete Digital to Analog Converter
  • 8-Bit Monolithic IC Digital to Analog Converter
  • Interconnection: 2mm Gold Plated

Solderless Breadboard:

  • 2 Terminal Strips, Tie-point 1680
  • 4 Distribution Strips, Tie-point 400