Experiments Included:

  • Familiarization
  • ASK Modulation
  • FSK Modulation
  • BPSK Modulation
  • ASK, FSK, BPSK Modulation / De-modulation using PC

Digital Baseband Data obtained through Sampling, PCM, PC or CVSD requires Modulation before it can be transmitted using Antennas. This trainer explores the basic Digital Modulation Techniques like FSK, ASK and BPSK. All components needed are provided on board. PC-PC link is established using USB-UART converter.


  • Power Supply Included
  • Required Circuits Tested
  • Each Section Clearly Marked for Input and Output
  • Each Section Works as an Independent Unit
  • Built-in Data Generator
  • Built-in Carrier Generator
  • Built-In Clock Generators
  • Each Section Clearly Marked for Easy Understanding

Technical Features:

  • Data generator: 8-Bit NRZ type
  • Modulation Types: ASK, FSK and BPSK
  • Carrier: 300KHz
  • PC interface: USB-UART interface
  • Interconnections: 2 mm gold plated pins

Accessories: Experiment Manual, 2mm patch cords and power cord, USB cable