Experiments Included:

  • Recognize the function of each block of the Transmission line trainer
  • Delay using Pulse Input
  • Resistive Matching using Pulse Input
  • Observe the effect of a reactive termination.
  • Effect of Noise in Communication
  • AC Coupling of Pulse Inputs
  • Matching and Frequency Response
  • Examine Standing Waves by plotting on graph paper
  • Low Pass Filter Effect
  • The Effect of Transformer Matching on the Oscilloscope Display

In the telecommunication field transmission lines are used to convey the signals from one point to another. With this Trainer board you can teach transmission line principles and concepts with better & faster than ever before. Students quickly and easily develop advance knowledge of transmission lines.


  • Pulse Generator: Variable Frequency and Pulse Width
  • Attenuation Line: 600 Ohm
  • Simulated Line: 50 Ohm & 70 Ohm
  • Termination Unit: 100 Ohm variable with reactive element
  • Noise Generator: Variable Amplitude
  • Standing Wave Display, Buffer, Switched Faults
  • Pulse Squarer: Comparator level adjust
  • BNC connector for external input
  • Interconnections: 2mm gold plated pins

Accessories: Experiment Manual and Power Cord