Experimets Included:

  • Laplace transform experiment
  • system simulation experiment
  • Steady-state error expriment
  • First-order system experement
  • Second-order system experimet
  • Transient response specifications experement
  • Effects of zeros on first-order system experiment
  • Dominant pole of secon-order system Experiment
  • DC Servo motor characteristics experiment
  • Proportional controller experiment
  • P Control in DC servo motor speed/postion control
  • PID controller experiment (2) Ziegler-cichols method (2)
  • PID controller experiment (4) Speed control
  • Closed loop DC servo motor speed/position control with PID controller experimen
  • Inner-loop feedback control experiment (1) Root locus technique
  • Phase lead compensators experiment (2) Frequency domain design
  • Phase lag compensators experiments experimen (2) Frequency domain design

Control Engineering is an exciting discipline It offers the quickest and best way to learn system control to improve production processes Electronic analog control and simulation systems have become the cornerstone of technological advancement IT-4425 observes the testing result of Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers as well as phase-lag and phase-lead controllers. IT-4425 is flexible enough to cater to the needs of all level learners to make related experiments The whole control modules help students to understand control theory and application of hands-on motor through our comprehensive and step-by-step teaching curriculums We also provide PC based digital storage oscilloscope module as interface to facilitate data storage and analysis by using computer (Option).