Working Cycle:

The working cycle completely controlled by PLC consists of:

  • The piece is with draw from the Cartesian storage module
  • The piece is deposited on the conveyor module
  • The piece is transported to the next station
  • The piece is picked up from the conveyor module and released on the piece control module
  • A set of sensors (inductive and optical) identify the materialand color of the piece
  • The piece is returned to Cartesian storage module
  • The piece is stored complying with the data coming from theprevious tests
  •  The complete system is managed by PLC

The IT-5133 Production line includes several mechatronic modules that simulates an industrial automated process Piece Testing Station on an Indexing table which is managed and supported by a swivel arm and Conveyor Module The educational objective is to broaden the student’s knowledge in programming and testing an industrial manufacturing  line.