Experiments Included:

  • DC Servo Motor Modeling and Identification
  • Intelligent Servo Controller
  • Sensor Measurement and Position Control in MATLAB
  • DC Servo Velocity Adjustment

Servo motors plays a very important role in industry process. These servo motor can be DC or AC depending on the requirement. The DC servo trainer IT-4421 is a closed loop DC servo system designed in modular construction. The key concept behind this trainer system is to provide practical working knowledge of a closed loop DC servo systems to the users by integrating basic theories and step-by-step experiments into one subject. To maximize the educational effectiveness, each section ends with a brief experiment to conclude what the user has learned in the experiment.


  • Sensors installed on-board
  • Control Circuits Installed
  • Drivers Installed
  • The basic model (IT-4421) uses PC to communicate with the intelligent driver and the intelligent driver controls the motor with velocity and position.

MatLab Control Interface:
Technical Features:

  • Motor: DC
  • Optical Encoder: 1000 lines/revolution
  • Gear Ratio: 1:4
  • Rotary Potentiometer
  • Intelligent Motion Controller
  • PID control module
  • Digital Encoder module
  • DC power supply module


IT-4423 Analog Control Module 

DC Servo with Analog Control

The analog control module directly uses amplifier to control the motor by the analog circuit. User could implement simple PID controller using this analog control module.

Experiments Contents

System identification; DC servo system modeling; controller design; analog PID controller circuit design (with Analog Control Module); controller analysis, etc.