Experiments Included:

  • Study of the Pressure Sensor
  • Study of the Characteristics of the Pump and of the Solenoid Valve
  • Study of the characteristics of the static process and of the time constants
  • ON-OFF, P, PI, PD and PID Closed Loop Control of the Pressure

Pressure Control Trainer contains an educational board with a pressurized vessel and a set of sensors and actuators for pressure. A control module, containing the interface circuits for the sensors and the actuators and the ON/OFF, proportional, integral and derivative control circuits (PID).



  • Sensors installed on-board
  • Control Circuits Installed
  • Drivers Installed
  • Protection Circuits Installed


Technical Features:

  • Fixed Supply DC: +15V, -15V
  • Vessel: 5 Liter approx.
  • Piping: Plastic
  • Pressure Sensor: Manometer Direct Reading, Strain Gauge
  • Valves: Manual, Solenoid, No Return, Safety set at 2.0 Bar
  • Water Pump: 2.5bar, 10 Ltr/min
  • Pressure Sensor Interface: P/V converter and Differential Amplifier with Offset and Gain Control
  • ON/OFF Control: Comparator with Hysteresis Control
  • Analog Source: 0 ~ +10V, 0 ~ ±10V
  • PID Controller: Proportional, Integral & Differential Control with Feedback
  • Pump Driver: DC to PWM Driver with DC Level offset Control
  • Solenoid Valve Driver: ON/OF Control with Driver

Accessories: Power Cords, 2mm Patch Cords, Experimental Manual


  • IT-5201SW Digital PID Controller with Data Acquisition Unit / Interface Software
  • IT-5201P Programable Logic Controller Unit

Features of Interface Software:

  • Flow Control
    User can control flow of liquid manually, through ON/OFF control or through software PID control algorithm.
  • Others
    PID parameters are controllable and graph plotting is also available.