Equipment Features:

  • The experiment hanging box is colored cubic diagram with vivid image close to the actual application of the industrial field Students can quickly adapt to the field work through training of this device
  • This system adopts the computer simulation of modern information technology to solve the alienation problem of principle experiment practice and actual application in the past professional training through operation simulation and emulation
  • Modular structure PLC mainframe switch volume input and other simulation experiment module are all hanging boxes which can be freely combined according to experiment projects and network requirements And components can be added if later experiments are needed to increased never to be outdated
  • The experiment screen adopts aluminum alloy frame (electrophoresis treatment surface) with the aluminum skidding rail to hang the experiment boxes
  • The experiment hanging boxes integrate various typical PLC training modules including responder the automatic control of tower level automatic feed loading tower sky which can be very convenient to complete the basic training of PLC It uses safe voltage for the load power of the hardware to ensure students’ safety
  • It is equipped with computer discs rich in content including PLC programming simulation PLC configuration training guide book and PLC experimental source program
  • This device is safe to operate with multi way body and equipment safety protection It is standard and flexible to use full of modern sense

Industrial control integrated technology taking programming control as its core industrial control technology integration at present in high middle schools has rapidly developed into a new subject in high and middle schools at present Its contents of rich theory and extensive practice can not only exercise students’ practical hands-on ability but also cultivate students’ innovative thoughts It has become an important backbone course for automation mechatronics and machinery majors The planning of PLC curriculum setting supporting materials practice and laboratory construction planning gets full attention of leaders at all levels and professional teachers. This system is applied in students’ PLC learning and application training students’ pre-job training and staff’s retraining in intermediate and advanced vocational schools and colleges It not only can meet the requirements of PLC experiment teaching and corresponding curriculum design and examination in various colleges and vocational schools but also can be as the training facility of engineering technicians.