Experiments Included:

Basic Control Systems Equipment and Terms Used

  • Study the difference between open loop and closed loop systems
  • Expression for the overall gain of a negative feedback closed loop system
  • Calculation of overall gain of a negative feedback closed loop system from given information
  • Basic components of a closed loop system and explain their functions
  • Meaning of terms associated with control system equipment

Linear Position or Force Applications

  • Construction and Characteristics of a Strain Gauge

Signal Conditioning Amplifier

  • Characteristics and application of DC amplifiers
  • The term “Offset” and the need for offset control
  • Characteristics and application of an AC amplifier

Practical Control Systems

  • Construction of a Weight Pan using Strain Gauge

IT-5931 Trainer introduces students to Strain Gauge transducer, signal conditioning circuits and display devices through a wide range of practical activities. The study module includes transducers and instrumentation trainer and a curriculum manual.